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Painting - oil

Most of Dikiro’s art is oil on canvas painting. To crate a classical oil painting on canvas a certain state of mind is needed. The classical pain-ting requires the artist to be calm. Each wave of the brush needs to be calm. With impressionism it is diffe-rent. It is different with Dikiro as well, although he describes himself as “neither an abstract, nor a depic-tive artist”. He is aggressive, advan-ces forward to capture – a technique that makes colours stick out and seem brighter. The power of the artist, except in the wave of the brush to recreate the aggression of his spirit, is in the relief. Maybe because this way he is closer to his idols: Dali, Picasso, Cézanne… Anyway, this is his most wanted artistic product – the serious collec-tors pick mostly his oil on canvas paintings.

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